A Nostalgic Game

Who doesn't think that old Amiga classics like North & South,
Gravity Force 2, Master Blaster and Fire Power are far more funny than today's graphic intense games? In those day a lot more effort was put into making the game itself better rather than spending it on graphics and SFX. I know I'm not the only one to agree.

I also think two player games are much funnier than single player ones. It is a social factor involved. You can get angry at your opponent instead of the computer. And a game that provokes feelings is a good one. In these days, such games are rare.

The absolutely best two player game of the Amiga era is, according to my opinion, Brutal Homicide (not Homocide ). I know that most Amiga people never has heard of it. It is probably due to it's late release (the version I have is from 1996). But, nevertheless, it is great. I must admit that I have taken many ideas from BH when I made my game. They are quite similar. But I've added nicer (I think) graphics, far more options, items and stats,
much more things to buy and many, many other things. It has taken me a very long time and therefore I will not follow in the tracks of Brutal Homicideand release it as freeware. I had to put in nagscreens in the second version since the first version hardly sold anything at all. I've set a very low price on it compared to other far less advanced shareware game which usually cost $25.

Destruction I took about a year to make and Destruction II took two more.

I hope you will enjoy the game.

Johan Torp, Nocturnal Development

Version History

Destruction I version 1.00, released 2001-04-29

Only one minor bug was ever found in Destruction I so no 1.01 version was ever made. Destruction I became quite popular and got about 50,000 direct downloads. It was available on many cover and shareware cds which probably reached many more people than through direct downloads. The full version costed $10 and it allowed you to play an unlimited number of rounds (instead of 5), change the worldsize and start with money. The game didn't sell well at all, probably since it was too playablein it's unregistered form and because too little marketing efforts were made.The game was released under the name of ThorpeSoft which now has been changed to Nocturnal Development.

Code, graphics and sound: Johan Torp 
Web site: Johan Torp

Destruction II

Development began in the summer of 2001. It originally was meant to be finished by the end of that summer. It was completed 1 years after the initial time frame. By the end of the next year's summer it began too look like something. A number of alpha versions were released to the licensed users during the fall. They didn't provide some features, like multiplayer, load/save possibility, proper statistics, special effects (scchhh, they're a secret) and some other things.

Alpha versions

Alpha 100, released 2002-10-07
The first alpha version contained alot of bugs and was hardly playable.

Alpha 101, released 2002-10-07 
Was released later the same day and fixed some installation problems in Alpha 100.

Alpha 102, released 2002-10-11 
Fixed about 50(!) bugs in Alpha 101. Proved to be quite playable.

Alpha 103, released 2002-10-22
Fixed a lot of bugs from Alpha 102, maybe 50 this time too. 
This version also contained the new shop interface.

Alpha 103.1, released 2002-10-22
A major bug which occurred after having played one round caused the shop to be unusable. This called for a re-release the next day.

The final Alpha contained some minor bugs but there were still lots of new features which needed implemented so after waiting a few days for bug reports work began on the first beta version.

Beta Versions

Three beta versions were released on (18/12 2002, 21/12 2002 and 13/1 2003). The first two were only released to licensed users but the third one was available to the public. Shortly after the last version was released, the first official version (1.00) was released.

1.00, released 2003-01-20

This is the newest version released. No new versions will be released until the end of summer 2003.