Brutal Homicide online

Go ahead and try the beta version of Brutal Homicide Java. It's free and it's playable over the internet. For those of you who hasn't heard of it, it is an old Amiga game similar to Destruction.


An excellent screenshot program. All screenshots of Destruction and Destruction II has been taken with this program.

  Inno Setup

A very good installer program (used to create an installer/uninstaller for your pogram). It is absolutely in the same league as the commercial installer and 100% freeware! The Destruction II's installer is created with this program.

  Kill Winamp

A freeware computer/winamp timer which turns of your computer or stops or kills Winamp after a certain number of minutes or songs made. Another Nocturnal Development production.

  Project Fy

A 3D FPS shooter game some friends of me are working on!


  Pad XML files

Destruction II
Kill Winamp