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Destruction II and I released as freeware! (2004-11-16)
I've decided to release Destruction I and II as freeware. To get the full version go to the download section
  All money from those who bought the game by credit card, about a $1000, will go to charity (I haven't decided what yet but it will go to environmental organization(s) and/or education in the third world). I'll keep the money I made from mail orders to lessen out the costs of software & hardware needed for development, website and domain charges (I did go minus on the project, but I learned a lot :) ). 
  If there is a big demand for the code, I'll release it. It's pretty much a mess though so beware :) I don't think I'll be supporting further development and I probably don't remember how the code works anymore :) 

   /Johan Torp

Mail problems
  Due to an enormous amount of virus and spam mails which has to be filtered out, some mails might have been accidentally deleted. This problem has been around since May and will most probably still go on for a while. I you haven't received a reply to your mail, please resend them.
To decrease the probability of having your email discarded, please write a subject for it and don't send attachments without prior warning.

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