Below is a list of common problems together with the solutions to them. If you can't find your problem in the list, or if you don't manage to fix the problem, don't hesitate to mail me at:

Try to describe the problem as detailed as possible. It helps if you include what operating system you are running, what graphics card and which processor you are using, when the problem occurred and other information that might be of value.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to start the game I get a message saying that "dinput.dll" is missing.

   You don't have DirectX properly installed. Destruction II requires at least DirectX 7.0a even though I recommend you to install the latest version of DirectX. DirectX can be found on most full game cd, most magazine cover cds or it can be download from
Since DirectX is quite big (about 10 mb), I recommend trying to find a cd which contains it rather than downloading it if you don't have a fast internet connection.


I am having trouble controlling the game. Sometimes the keys doesn't respond.

   If single keystrokes are lost without other keys being pressed down your computer is probably too slow for Destruction II. Please send your system specifications (operating system, processor, graphics card & RAM) to
. If the problem only appear when several keys are pressed read the solution below.

   This is, I'm afraid, a hardware limitation. The standard keyboard communicates with the PC in a rather complicated way. By pressing two keys you sometime rule out the possibility to press a few others. I have not found anyway around this problem. By choosing new keys, new problems will occur. By using the default keyset only a few minor problems will occur. It is the best combination found so far. I you have a better one, please tell send a mail about it. A solution is of course to use a joystick. Make sure to get one with at least 10 buttons + movement keys. Destruction II supports up to two joysticks though most joysticks can only be used one at a time (this is a hardware/Windows limitation).
Another possible solution is to use keys which aren't organized like the 
arrow keys (.:.) for instance ESCF (instead of ESDF). To use the default keyset, delete or rename the "Data\keys.config" file and replace it with a copy of "Data\default.config" which you rename to "Data\keys.config".


The game flickers something enormeously.

   You have to enable DirectX's framesync somehow. How you enable this varies from videocard to videocard and from driver to driver. You are supposed to look for some option which is DirectX or Direct3D (aka D3D) related. On the videocard used to make Destruction, a Voodoo 3 3000, you enable framesync by rightclicking on the desktop and then selecting Properties->[Settings Tab]->Advanced->3dfx Advanced features->Direct3D->%Speed% and selecting %Normal2% instead of %Fastest%. It is not always very easy to find this option if you are unexperienced. You are on the other hand not very likely to run into this
problem if you haven't played around with a the options. Try consulting your videocard manufacturer or try searching the internet for a solution.
If you suceed in solving this problem and have another video card than Voodoo 3, please send an email to and your solution will be added to this guide.


The players break up, appear on eachothers screens and seem to get stuck inside walls.

   This is a rare bug which I never managed to solve. Please send an email to the address found below and describe what graphics card, processor, RAM, operating system, joysticks & keyboard you are using. If you can help me to fix this bug you will be awarded a free license!