Kill Winamp

A really simple Winamp/computer timer.

It either closes Winamp or stops the current song playing or it can shut your computer down after a certain number of minutes or songs played. It does not require Winamp in order to turn off the computer.

It works on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7. Kill Winamp is 100% freeware. Use it at your own risk!


Kill Winamp 1.61 (installer version, 454 kb)
Kill Winamp 1.61 (zip version, 18 kb)


Apparently, Kill Winamp was better received than I realized when I wrote it:)

"Yeees! It is here! Someone heard my prayers and developed this tiny program!"
- Softpedia's editor

"It does what it claims to do with no fuss."
"This is surely the best sleep/timer I've ever seen..."
"Absolutly excellent. The best sleep timer I've seen yet."
- Comments from Winamp's website